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31 August 2013: We have had 126mms of rain this month at Athelstone. It has gone from a cold 13C to a high of 26C in just 10 days. I think it will be the hottest winter day on record. The garden is looking lush and healthy, with all the orchids finally coming out in the warmth. we have had a marathon weeding session this week and are heading to the other garden to help with weeding as well.

16 August 2013: The weather is really cold again and so far this month we have had 60mms of rain. the rotundafolia in the front garden is looking gorgeous and the W.A. clematis is about to look spetacular. The first of the pale daffodils is out in the front garden.
Visited the BOM on Friday and the long term forecast for Adelaide for spring is a wetter than average one!!
Off to Wadmore Park for Landcare tomorrow concentrating on spraying sour-sobs and bridal creeper.

 2 August 2013:  The total rainfall for July was 148.5mms. Snowflakes are out in abundance in side garden. White and pink hardenbergias are out all through front garden. Threptomene bushes also in full flower, as are all jonquils and the Laurestinus hedge as well as back yard bush.
6 re-potted Orchids have spikes with flowers, some as many as 27 on one spike.
Helebores are beginning to flower, slatey grey/ moroon in back yard and double white are out.

20 July 2013: Finished pruning roses in the side garden. Trimmed back the bush fuschia and cut down the tree dahlias in the side garden. Erlicheer jonquils out in flower in the back garden and the snowflakes just flowering in back and side gardens. Bluebells are up and the flowers on the cyclamen are just coming out.
Hailed over night and today is really icy top of 13C. We have had 101mms rain so far this month.

 24 June 2013: Pruned the roses in the back garden today. Dug up the agapanthus that are are along the back verandah wall as they have less sunlight than previously and are now not flowering in summer. Cut down the fountain grass in front garden. The laristinus hedge is beginning to flower.

21 June 2013: We have had some cold mornings this week around 4C with the result the gingko is finally turning buttercup yellow and the last of the acer leaves are a deep burgundy colour. The white azalea is also loving the cold and wet. 

10 June 2013: We went to Lambley to look at the garden in Winter and of course I purchased some plants. Zauchenaria, oreganum, cistus "greyswood pink" and veronica

3 June 2013:   Went to see nurseryman Dennis Norgate outside Trentham, Victoria to buy some hellebores. Yellow, white and pink. He advised they need lime ,horse manure and water! 

30 May 2013:   The cool burn flared up with a gully wind and as we came home from Clarke's place we could see quite substantial fires burning along the ridge line. Rain fell next morning and all day and night, we had around 61 mms, taking our monthly total to 129.

 29 May 2013:   The soil is still warm and with the rain this last month the weeds are beginning to flourish. Had to spray the garden paths today. Temp was 23C
Jonquils only just appearing, seems late this year. Snowflakes also pushing their heads up.
Day lilies all flowering in side garden.
Cool burn happened on Amber's Gully today.

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