25 May 2013

The last of Autumn's colour

The Autumn colours at Athelstone

This year due to low rainfall and lack of really cold nights the season has not been spectacular.  This is probably the last of the colour in my garden.

15 May 2013

Autumn at Lambley

This is my most favourite plant nursery in Victoia and plants purchased from there always do well in Adelaide's hot dry climate. David Glenn sold me various plants at Al Ru Open Garden in 2012, the californian fuschias pictured on a previous blog is just one.

14 May 2013

Raindrops on Roses etc!

After last night's 20mls of rain the garden looked so happy I could not resist taking some photos

13 May 2013

Autumn Less Colourful

The colour changes in the garden for Autumn 2013 are not as pronounced as some previous years.

 This is the last of my Burgundy ice berg rose

This hardy little number is a californian fuschia and this is its first year of flowering

6 May 2013

Garden Vistas

The Victorian Garden has wonderful views of distant ridges

Adelaide's Garden has had its distant views blocked by suburban expansion

2 May 2013

Garden Locations

This blog will be a journey through two sisters gardens, one in suburban Adelaide in South Australia and the other a rural setting in Victoria.

Adelaide Garden is on heavy clay soil and some of the quarter acre block has large eucalyptus trees:

the sister garden in Victoria is sited on top of a rocky ridge with poor soil and also is surrounded by large eucalyptus, indigenous to the area.

Both gardeners have resorted to developing their gardens with native and introduced species that will tolerate hot summers on water restrictions.
I hope to be able to bring you changes to the gardens as the seasons progress, and my blogging skills improve.