29 August 2017

Winter 2017 in Victorian Garden

I visited my sister's new garden in country Victoria, in late Winter this year. Most of her trees are deciduous and she has heavy frosts to contend with, as seen on the patio table. The bamboo has lost most of its leaves. 

Gardenias have been tucked alongside the house for warmth

3 August 2017

Christmas visit to Lambley's Dry Garden

I always cherish an opportunity to visit Lambley Nursery in country Victoria. Here are some shots of the Dry Garden in December 2016

December 2016 in Victoria

My sister has now a new garden to establish only about 5 kms from her old garden, but a very different environment.
Summers much hotter and being located in a valley, heavy frosts in Winter.
I have only just had the time to re-establish the blog and so these photos are already 7 months old

30 July 2017

Mid-winter 2017

Views of the Adelaide Garden and flowering plants in July 2017
Back garden looking north


13 September 2013

Greenhoods and Cymbidiums

 These tiny green-hood orchids are indigenous to our area and  reside under native and exotic plants in my front garden. They have been there for 40 years.
 Pterostylis nana - dwarf green-hood
 Pterostylis pedunculata  - maroon hood
 These cymbidium orchids I grow in pots
 these are in dappled light under bottle brush and meleluca
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Last Visit to the Victorian Garden

A mixture of indigenous and exotic flora forms a pleasing vista 
 Lovely distant views are a feature
 Influences from mediterranean gardens
Planted by former owners in the 1970s the little birds just love these generous flowers  
 Jane's stone walls will feature again in the new garden in Harcourt
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17 August 2013

Aussie Winter Wonders

An indigenous species of wattle to our area acacia acinacia  
 This is an eremophila from Eyre Peninsular in S.A.
The bees love this  postanthera or aussie mint bush  
 Native hop-bush Dodonaea
This is a self sown Kennidia a climbing twining vine similar to Kennidia Nigricans which grew in our garden 40 years ago  
 This clematis is native to the Jarrah forests of W.A. The tall vine has been in our garden for more than 35 years, its flowers being larger than the local species.
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